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CTO Editorial - Cardio Oncology: 2

CTO Editorial - Cardio Oncology: 2

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Recent advances in early detection and cancer therapeutics have revolutionized the field of oncology. Cancer is no longer a death sentence. It is a disease that can be cured or, in many instances, converted into a chronic condition. The end result is a new cohort of patients with sufficient survival to develop cardiovascular complications from their cancer treatment. These cardiovascular complications are of paramount importance, as they represent the number one cause of death for the cancer survivor. The ultimate goal is the selection of the oncologic regimen that would achieve the highest possible rate of cure or remission, with the lowest possible rate of treatment withdrawals and cardiovascular side effects. This important book brings us closer to this goal. Cardio-Oncology includes a theory book and a case study book. The clinical cases atlas is intended as a starting point to organize multidisciplinary care of cancer patients. By means of 20 clinical cases, practical information about diagnosis, management and prevention of cancer therapeutic-related cardiac diseases are discussed, with the goal of minimizing cancer treatment interruptions and to ensure long-term event-free cardiovascular survival. Also included is the application Augmented Reality, which allows users to scan and watch videos accessed from the book on an electronic device (phone or tablet). Download the application on to an Android or Apple device and the reader will have full access to the videos featured as pictures inside each book. [Subject: Cardio-oncology, Oncology, Medicine]


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